2 in 1 Tongue Stablizing Device Premium Package

Ths package includes two different shaped TSD device

Non-invasive and inexpensive device that can provide a natural, simple, and easy solution for the treatment of problem snoring.

Snoring can not only disrupt your (and your partner's) sleep, but also affect your health and job performance. Often, it's caused by the position of your tongue, withdrawing to the back of the throat and partially obstructing the airway.

Tongue stabilizers are a safe and easy to use solution to help ease snoring and may be beneficial for other breathing-related sleep conditions. Made from soft, medical-grade silicone, a tongue stabilizing device (TSD) holds the tongue in the forward position, staying in place with gentle negative suction to help reduce or even put an end to that endless cycle of unconsciously stopping breathing and then gasping for breath and swallowing air.

TSDs featuring a design similar to this have not only been found to be able to help diminish or even eliminate snoring, sleep-disordered breathing, and sleep apnea, but also to benefit those with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMD/TMJ), and to reduce tooth clenching and grinding.

And unlike some anti-snoring devices, no special fittings, cleaning, sleeping positions, nor electricity, are required for a tongue stabilizer to work effectively. The clever design of these tongue stabilizers mean they don't attach or anchor to the teeth; they can even be used if you have dentures.

Easier to use and considerably more affordable than some other treatments, TSDs are recommended by doctors and dentists, and can help some users immediately.

Suggested Usage:

1) Position the guard onto the front of your tongue (horizontally, with the flaps of the device oriented to your lips).

2) Once your tongue is all the way in place, gently squeeze the large soft silicone 'bulb' on the front of the device, and let go. This will create suction, to keep the anti-snore device in place while you sleep.

For first time users, you might want to experiment a few times with the positioning and amount of suction to make it feel most comfortable and secure.


This standard size tongue retainer fits ~95% of users. As a personal use item; these products are final sale (no returns). Exact appearance of device, case, and packaging may vary.

TSDs are not licensed medical devices and individual results will vary.